Security Policy

1. Your information is confidential - We are dedicated to keeping your personal information confidential. We don’t disclose any confidential information that can be traced back to you unless required by law, or unless you give us permission beforehand.

2. Keep your account information secret - If you share your username and password with others, they will also be able to access some of your personal information. We strongly encourage you not to share your account information. Protect your Real Transaction account information at least as carefully as you would protect your bank’s ATM PIN.

3. Authorized staff can see your data - As long as you don’t give out your account information, any confidential information you send or receive on this web site can be seen only by you and Real Transactions staff who have a "genuine business need."

By "genuine business need," we mean:

  • Direct customer care. For example, if you send a request through this web site, our clerks need to see that request in order to make a modification for you.
  • Maintaining the web site. Sometimes our technical staff may view data in the course of their work. We have special rules to make sure they do this only for legitimate reasons.
  • Research and evaluation. In order to keep improving our services, we compile data from users of this web site. None of the data published can be traced back to an individual. For example, we might say, "20% of our customers purchased product xyz." We will never say, "Jane Smith purchased product xyz." 

These guidelines are spelled out in more detail in our formal policy statement.

4. We use secure technology - In addition to our privacy policy, we also take the technical side of security very seriously. Our password system makes sure that someone who logs on with your Real Transactions merchant information really is you. All communication between your computer and our web servers is encrypted. Encryption prevents your information from being intercepted or modified. Our servers are behind a complex series of firewalls. Firewalls add an extra layer of security. We store member data in a way that maximizes security and confidentiality.

5. Exit - Always exit your browser when you are finished using RT Online. This helps preserve the confidentiality of your data (e.g. to prevent other people from using your computer to access any of your RT Online information).

Security Precautions

Real Transactions Inc. takes security very seriously. We utilize the highest amount of encryption allowed for all transactions. Not only are all of the transactions encrypted but so is the entire backend and database. We are currently in the process of obtaining special permission from the Canadian government for encrypting our databases using proprietary 1024 bit encryption. That is 8 times higher than the level that the banks use.

Additional Security Information

Obviously, we cannot post everything about our security on a publically available page, because that is going to give the enemy an upper hand. There are various other additional security practices not listed on this page that have been implemented to stop people from getting into our servers.

If we do discover a malicious attempt on one of our servers, we will attempt to capture as much information about the attacker as possible and then discreetly contact their ISP and possibly their local authorities and provide them with a detailed account of the activities that have been logged.